(EN) Friends of Friends is an international interview magazine based in Berlin.

(EN) Friends of Friends was founded in 2009 as a platform for inspiration and creativity. By showcasing a diverse cast of people through long-form profiles, warm and personal conversations, and candid photography, our core endeavor is to capture global change through voices that inspire. Be they creatives, politicians, scientists, or activists, emerging or established, they are key thinkers in their respective fields. To see how we do it, explore our interviews and features sections and subscribe to our Friends of Friends Newsletter.

To get in touch, drop us a message on contact@freundevonfreunden.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Mixcloud, Pinterest.

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To learn more about us, you can read our story on a variety of platforms, such as It’s Nice That, Zeit Online, Wallpaper, Magis Design, and OSK.

(EN) Friends of Friends Content Production Studio

(EN) Over the past decade, we have established a content production studio that grows year on year. Collaborating with like-minded brands, we strive to connect them with international audiences by developing and executing ideas into bespoke content that includes video, writing, photography, and events. Want to become our next partner? Check out FvF Productions and get in touch with Tim Seifert.

(EN) Friends of Friends in Print

(EN) While the foundation of Friends of Friends is our online platform, we have also published a number of books, exploring the lives of creatives in Berlin and beyond.

(EN) Friends of Friends Spaces

(EN) With the help of our partners and community, our two Berlin spaces are physical manifestations of our dedication to meaningful stories and initiatives. The Friends of Friends Space is a 350-square meter event space designed by architect Philip Mainzer and Friends of Friends and located in the heart of Kreuzberg. Over the course of three years, we have hosted over 250 events, ranging from dinners, concerts, product launches, exhibitions, panel discussions, video and photo productions, workshops, and film screenings. We also open our Friends of Friends Apartment in Mitte to our network to host smaller gatherings and productions. For all inquiries regarding the Friends of Friends Spaces please message the Events and Communications Team.

(EN) Friends of Friends Facts

  • (EN) 600+ Interviews

  • (EN) 32k+ Photos

  • (EN) 80+ Videos

  • (EN) 120+ Cities

(EN) Website Reach

  • (EN) 65k+ active users per month

  • (EN) 290k+ Page views per month

  • (EN) 3:35 Minutes spent reading our articles on average

  • (EN) 50k+ Daily Video Views

(EN) Social Reach

  • (EN) 1.7m+ Social media impressions per month

  • (EN) 142k+ Facebook Followers

  • (EN) 145k+ Instagram Followers

(EN) Get to Know Us Even Better

(EN) How did Friends of Friends come about?

(EN) We had a design studio and agency called NoMoreSleep but were looking for an alternative to working for clients. Essentially, we wanted to do our own thing and showcase our abilities and interests. We created everything from the logo, branding to website development, design and overall strategic concept. We asked our friend Ailine Liefeld to take the pictures and began portraying our friends. This is also where the initial focus came from—as a lot of our friends are creatives, designers or artists.

(EN) When did you start?

(EN) We had the idea for Friends of Friends at the beginning of 2009 and went online in October 2009. In Summer 2010 we started producing videos and a year later we spread our wings internationally and released interviews with friends and creatives from São Paulo to Copenhagen. In November 2011 we published our first hard cover book which can be ordered here. In Spring 2013 we released the FvF iPad Magazine, to give our audience a mobile- and tablet-focused way to enjoy our content.

(EN) How do you select your guests and define your content?

(EN) We want to stay true to our focus and tell the stories of our growing international network. For the past ten years we have portrayed our close friends and asked them if they want to recommend another friend. This is how we expanded our network. We are interested in people from different fields equally, as long as they’re inspiring and have a passion for what they do—no matter if it‘s technology, cooking, or designing space shuttles.

(EN) I don’t see advertising, why?

(EN) We don’t believe in traditional banner advertising that distracts from the overall design and content of our website. However, we publish branded content with likeminded partners.

With FvF Productions we use our skills for client productions in the fields of video, photography and editorial consultation. We also work on content collaboration and partnerships when in keeping with our concept and provides value for our readers. We believe that brand involvement doesn‘t necessarily compromise the quality of a magazine.

(EN) Are your portraits exclusively produced for Friends of Friends?

(EN) Yes, our content is exclusively produced for Friends of Friends. All of our portraits take a lot of time and are carefully prepared, in-house or with external contributors. However, we share our content and provide other magazines with texts and pictures, when the context and aesthetic fit our approach.