Link List #160: Brazilian surfers, numbness, and the reinvention of the human face

This week we’ve been reading about record breaking Brazilian surfers, traceable supply chains in the fashion industry, and how nothingness became everything we wanted.

Oshadi Collective.
  • Even before the pandemic, American culture was embracing numbness as an antidote for the overload of digital capitalism. But is it a real escape — or just another trap?” Writer Kyle Chaka meditates upon sensory deprivation, noise-cancelling headphones, and Marie Kondo-inspired minimalism for The New York Times.
  • The Guardian interviews Maya Gabeira, the Brazilian surfer making waves by breaking male and female records, challenging the sport’s “testosterone-fuelled identity” in the process.
  • Atmos profiles Nishanth Chopra’s Oshadi Collective—an India-based contemporary womenswear brand with a completely traceable supply chain—as a template for change for the fashion industry.
  • Reporters Without Borders’ annual roundup reveals a total of 50 journalists were killed worldwide in 2020, and that while the number of journalists killed in countries at war continues to fall, more are being murdered in countries not at war.
  • Did the pandemic reinvent the human face? For Frieze, Priya Khanchandani explores how the need for a digitally touched-up ‘public face’ has become constant and commonplace.
  • Bloomberg asked three executives who’ve spent their careers on the cutting edge of the financial industry what they see coming in 5 to 10 years. Here are their answers.

Photography: Ashish Chandra