Link List #128: The Fashion Pact, The Green Gang, and sustainable Lebanese tourism

This week we’ve been reading about the fashion industry’s collective commitment to a greener future, the Indian women taking cases of marital abuse into their own hands, and renowned artist Ai Weiwei’s documentation of the Hong Kong protests.

Protests in Hong Kong photographed by Joseph Chan
  • The New York Times takes a look at the sustainable tourism practices that are developing in Lebanon as the country becomes an increasingly popular destination for travelers.
  • A coalition of 32 of the world’s largest fashion groups and brands have come together to publish a manifesto of practical objectives and targets—from a commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2030 to pledges to eliminate micro-fiber pollution—to reduce the industry’s negative impact on the climate, oceans, and biodiversity. Find out more in The Guardian.
  • “Hong Kong is on fire [and] the world is indifferent to the suffering and struggling of the Hong Kong youngsters.” The Art Newspaper takes a look at how artist Ai Weiwei has been documenting the ten-week-long protests in the city.
  • In what has been called a “momentous win” for wildlife and sustainable agriculture, Peru has committed to ending palm-oil driven deforestation by 2021. Find out more on Live Kindly.
  • Artnet talks to synth-pop singer Peaches about her first solo museum show in Hamburg. Titled Whose Jizz is this?, the exhibition is a brash, provocative display of over 50 new artworks, from titillating videos and photography to animatronic sculptures and futuristic textiles.
  • The California Sunday Magazine takes a deep dive into the activities of The Green Gang, the large group of low-caste Indian women holding men accountable for marital abuse.

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Text: FvF Team