Link List #132: Kissing strangers, the history of drag, and the Artsy Vanguard 2019

This week we’ve been reading about the photographer capturing portraits of strangers she’s kissed, the new book documenting the development of drag, and Artsy’s comprehensive list of the 50 most influential people on the contemporary art scene right now.

In Drag: the complete story. Futuristic South-Korean/American Look Queen, Kim-Chi. Photograph by Sanchez Zalba.
  • While many museums are professing a commitment to showcasing the work of women and other minorities, a recent investigation has found that only 11 percent of all American museum acquisitions over the past decade have been by female artists. Find out more on Artnet.
  • The Guardian takes a look at In Drag: the complete story, a new book by Simon Doonan cataloging the history of drag, from glamour drag to “look queens”, frock rockers to kabuki theatre.
  • “[Kissing is] an instantaneous stress reliever and creates an immediate emotional bond between two people,” says Johanna Siring, the photographer who shot portraits of strangers before and after she kissed them for her latest project. Check out her photographs on i-D.
  • This week, the Artsy Vanguard 2019 was announced. Featuring artists selected by Artsy editors, the list is a comprehensive guide to 50 of the most influential creators of the moment who are paving the way for the future of contemporary art
  • “If you’re contributing to one of the most damaging industries on the entire planet you can’t just continue the way you’ve been going,” says Phoebe English. AnOther magazine interviewed the British designer before her show at London Fashion Week about why the fashion world should immediately face up to the climate emergency.

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Text: FvF Team