Link List #137: Bob Ross, provocative Indian playwrights, and how to deal with tokenism

This week we’ve been reading about the playwright addressing patriarchal violence in India, the forthcoming book by Italian author Elena Ferrante, and the recent exhibition giving beloved presenter Bob Ross the art world recognition he deserves.

  • The Cut celebrates the announcement of a new novel by Italian author Elena Ferrante. With the English translation—titled The Lying Life of Adults—set to be published on June 9, 2020, readers can tease themselves by getting a sneak peek of the first two paragraphs.
  • Feeling guilty about the environmental impact of the last transatlantic flight you took? According to Business Insider, the fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.
  • While Bob Ross—the much-loved presenter of US television program The Joy of Painting from 1983-1994—was previously viewed as a populist teacher rather than an elite gallery fixture, his work is finally receiving art world recognition. Frieze takes a look at a recent exhibition of his paintings at the Franklin Park Arts Center in the US town of Purcellville.
  • In their latest ‘art agony aunt’ column for Dazed Digital, art writing and curatorial duo The White Pube give advice on how to cope with quotas and tokenism in the art world.

  • The Guardian talks to Anupama Chandrasekhar, the provocative playwright shocking her native country by confronting the growing horrors—from sex tapes to acid attacks⁠—facing women in India today.

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Text: FvF Team