Link List #139: Tomaso Binga, VSCO girls, and the allure of affliction

This week we’ve been reading about radical Italian performance artists, the latest teen subculture to arise out of the internet, and the prevalence of female suffering in literature.

Limitless Africans, Mikael Owunna. Brian, Montreal, Canada 2016.
  • In his new book, Limitless Africans, Nigerian photographer Mikael Owunna documents stories of African LGBTQ immigrants and refugees seeking asylum from their native continent in which homosexuality is illegal in over 30 countries. Head over to The Guardian for a preview of some of Owunna’s images.
  • Following in the footsteps of The Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre, National Galleries of Scotland have cut ties with fossil fuel giants by ending their BP sponsorship. Find out more on Frieze.
  • In response to the recent rise of ‘VSCO girls’—a subculture that has arisen from apps such as TikTok and Instagram—Jezebel has compiled a short history of popular teen archetypes, from the ‘poodle girls’ of the ’50s to hipsters of 2010s.
  • In her latest essay for The New York Times, novelist Leslie Jamison considers the prevalence of female suffering in literature and questions the allure of affliction.
  • Indie takes a look at the plights of young Afghan migrants in Iran who are forced to work blue-collar jobs for minimal pay due to restrictions imposed by the Iranian government.
  • Legendary Italian performance artist Tomaso Binga recently premiered two new works at Artissima, Turin. To mark the occasion, AnOther took a look back at the controversial legacy of the radical feminist.

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Text: FvF Team