Link List #143: ‘Artpop’, unsustainable streetwear, and a party drug for the end of the world

This week we’ve been reading about why Lady Gaga’s 2013 album is better that you remember, the Portugues painter inspired by ’70s gay porn, and how ketamine is the drug defining the dissociated moment.

Lady Gaga, Applause, 2013, video still. Courtesy: © Interscope
  • “If every generation of partiers gets the drug that speaks to them — the psychedelic ’60s, the coke-and-disco-fueled ’70s, and the MDMA-hued early aughts — then perhaps the end of the decade marks the dawn of the dissociation generation,” says Anna Silman, senior culture writer for The Cut which explores how ketamine became “the drug of choice for the disassociated moment.”
  • While we all know that the fashion industry is an ecological disaster, this article on High Snobiety highlights streetwear in particular as an enemy of sustainability.
  • Three months after a bone marrow transplant, Chris Long—an employee at the Sherriff’s Office in Reno, Nevada—learned that all of his blood DNA had been replaced by that of his donor. The New York Times explores the phenomena of “chimeras”, and the legal implications of having two sets of DNA.
  • Was Lady Gaga’s Artpop better than you remember? Frieze reconsiders the 2013 album as a compelling record of our collective fracturing, as well as taking a look at the developing relationship between pop music and contemporary art.
  • “I like to portray the moments before or after sex. They are the most erotic,” says artist João Gabriel. Elephant interviews the Portuguese painter about his first UK exhibition, which is inspired by ’70s underground gay porn films and explores themes of desire, intimacy, and pleasure.

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Text: FvF Team