Link List 147: Cold water swimming, Laura Dern, and the fight to decolonize the museum

This week we’ve been reading about the subversive joy of cold water swimming, the mysterious Van Gogh masterpiece that has missing for over three years, and the career highlights of Oscar-nominated actor Laura Dern.

  • If you enjoyed our interview with author and cold water swimmer Jessica J Lee, why not explore the topic further in this article by The New Yorker, in which they speak to the Britons swapping heated pools in favor of rediscovering the pleasures of lakes, rivers, and seas.
  • Which tech companies are doing the most harm? Find out in Slate Magazine’s “Evil List,” which catalogs the 30 most dangerous organizations in the industry.
  • Fortune Magazine talks to Academy Award nominee Laura Dern—who’s up for an Oscar for her supporting role in Marriage Story—about the highlights in her 40-year acting career.
  • “Textbooks can be revised, but historic sites, monuments, and collections that memorialize ugly pasts aren’t so easily changed.” Focusing specifically on the Royal Museum for Central Africa located outside Brussels, The Atlantic takes a look at what we should be doing in order to decolonize our museums.
  • Art lovers should check out the Städel Museum’s new Finding Van Gogh podcast. Focusing on the artist’s last great portrait that disappeared from the public eye three years ago, the series traces the painting’s eventful history and attempts to discover where it might be now.
  • Once known for political unrest during the ’90s and more recent protests in 2013 and 2014, Bangkok is now on the verge of a cultural renaissance. Find out more in Suitcase Magazine.
  • The Cut writer Hilal Isler writes a personal article about how learning to box “saved her life” upon her childhood move from Canada to Saudi Arabia.

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Text: FvF Team