Link List #148: Ballroom icons, Brad Pitt, and what milk we should be drinking to save the planet

This week we’ve been reading about the double standard imposed on male actors, ballroom icon Pony Zion, and the documentary photographer exploring representations of South Asian identity.

  • “Beauty can be a trap as much as a benediction, including for men,” says The New York Times writer Manohla Dargis. Using the film industry’s undervaluing of Brad Pitt as a case in point, this article explores how male actors also face double standards.
  • A glass of dairy milk produces almost three times more greenhouse gas than any plant-based milk. But vegan options have drawbacks of their own. Find out what the most environmentally friendly milk to drink is on The Guardian.
  • “Coming from a patriarchal Asian background, I’ve always questioned what the role of a man is in society,” says photographer Vivek Vadoliya. It’s Nice That showcases the exceptionally intimate portfolio of the British-Indian creative exploring notions of masculinity and South Asian identity.
  • In the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, The Atlantic features images from photographers reporting from the city’s near-deserted streets.
  • Hailed as a “ballroom icon” by The New York Times, Pony Zion celebrated his 20th year as a Voguer in 2018. In this article, he talks to The Cut about inspirations, superpowers, and why a black panther is his spirit animal.

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Text: FvF Team