Link List #156: Frank Lloyd Wright, pandemics past, and why you’re more than your output

This week we’ve discovered a digital tour around Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater, read about how contagion has inspired art throughout history, and given serious thought to our relationship with work during self-isolation.

Frank Lloyd-Wright's iconic Fallingwater. Photo by Kirk Thornton
  • “You are more than your output,” says Riposte editor Danielle Pender in her recent opinion piece for It’s Nice That. Check it out to find out more about why she thinks we should reassess our relationship with work during lockdown, rather than quickly pivot to new projects..
  • Ever wanted to go inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater house? Now’s your chance! The Spaces rounds up 12 buildings designed by the renowned architect which you can explore via newly developed virtual tours..
  • In this article, The Los Angeles Times recommends three new documentaries exploring the enduring allure of the record store.
  • “Unity in diversity is at its most visible in the cultural sector. European and national policies must continue to ensure the conditions in which this diversity can survive,” says Monika Grütters to Frieze. Read the full interview with Germany’s minister of state for culture and media to find out more about the country’s cultural bailout plans.
  • What can we learn from pandemics past? In this article, The New York Times looks at how contagion as a metaphor has materialized in artworks throughout history.
  • The British Journal of Photography has published a photo essay featuring South African photographer Jodi Bieber’s playful portraits of her husband in lockdown.

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Text: FvF Team