Link List #158: Shakespearean plagues, dystopian television, and art in the age of anxiety

This week we’ve been reading about representations of disease in Shakespeare plays, why we still want to watch dark television programmes during these dystopian times, and two online exhibitions exploring themes of anxiety and distance.

George Condo’s “Together and Apart” (2020). © George Condo, courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth
  • Running a car costs much more than you think. In this article, Nature proposes that giving consumers accurate information could encourage them to switch to cleaner modes of transport.
  • “In Shakespeare’s plays, epidemic disease is present for the most part as a steady, low-level undertone, surfacing in his characters’ speeches, most vividly in metaphorical expressions of rage and disgust,” writes Stephen Greenblatt in The New Yorker. Check out his recent article to find out more about how representations of the plague permeate the Bard’s oeuvre.
  • Photographer Erin Kirkland captures intimate images from a female nursing home for The Atlantic, celebrating the beauty of the aging process.
  • T Magazine talks to artists George Condo and Rashid Johnson about their new digital shows for Hauser & Wirth exploring the timely themes of anxiety and distance.
  • “There were people in there who were pushing an anti-vaccination agenda, or believed in the QAnon conspiracy theory, or that the virus is a hoax designed to rob the public of their civil liberties,” says photographer Jaime Lee Curtis Taete about his documentary images from L.A’s coronavirus protests. Find out more on It’s Nice That.
  • While “the entertainment overlords” might think that the public can’t handle darkness right now, The Guardian writer Jessa Crispin argues that dystopian television is necessary during Covid-19 because “right now, I can’t stand being lied to.”

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Text: FvF Team