Link List #159: Art quizzes, online film catalogues, and post-corona architecture

This week we’ve been reading about new online film archives that have been set up during lockdown, the black filmmakers we should be watching, and the photography collective allowing people of color to take ownership of their own narratives.

Andre L. Perry, a print from See In Black
  • Founded by Joshua Kissi and Micaiah Carter, See In Black is a coalition of Black photographers who “serve as storytellers of their own narratives.” Check out some of their photographs on It’s Nice That, some of which were released as prints on Freedom Day to raise money for Black Lives Matter causes.
  • What kind of spaces are we going to live and work in post-Covid 19? The New Yorker takes a look at how coronavirus is going to reshape our architectural landscape.
  • Frieze has rounded up four must-watch films by Black filmmakers that are currently free to stream.
  • T Magazine talks to nine black cultural leaders—including Amy Sherald and Michael R. Jackson—about the challenges and opportunities of cultivating black audiences and dismantling historically white institutions.
  • Beth Wilkinson—founder of Lindsay magazine—has launched her own online film catalogue, Very Good Films. Aiming to provide an inspiring resource to all those that are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the catalogue features movies by some of the greatest film directors, from Sam Mendes to Agnes Varda, and Wes Anderson to Sofia Coppola. To find out more about Wilkinson and Lindsay magazine, check out this article we produced on the publication back in 2018.

Hopefully you enjoyed the reads from this week’s Link List, but if you’ve still got an internet itch to scratch, you can find more here.

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Text: FvF Team