Link List #162: Oceanic sharks, homeless housing, and the Pangalese canal

This week we’ve been reading about the overfishing-induced decline of oceanic sharks and rays, a new supportive housing project in L.A., and Julia Cameron’s new book.

To protect long-term housing, Barcelona wants to ban renting private rooms to tourists.
  • Oceanic sharks and rays have declined more than 70 percent since 1970, mainly because of overfishing, according to a new study. Find out more in The New York Times.

  • Is your beloved outdoors gear bad for the planet? GQ highlights a recent study’s findings that some in-demand technical gear sheds “forever chemicals” into the environment.

  • 30 years after its publication, The Financial Times talks to Julia Cameron. The author of The Artist’s Way—a 12-week programme guiding readers to discover and recover their artistic self—Cameron has recently released a new book encouraging readers to “tune back in, listen, be alert, be conscious.”
  • Writer Obidike Okafor speaks to Oyindamola Fakeye, the new director of CCA Lagos about the legacy of founder Bisi Silva and how Fakeye plans to take the institution forward. Find out more on Contemporary And.
  • To protect long-term housing, Barcelona wants to ban renting private rooms to tourists, according to Bloomberg.
  • The Guardian spotlights Madagascar’s Pangalese canal. Originally constructed by French colonialists in the 19th Century, it is now a wild and weird home for ducks, herons, and kingfishers.
  • In Los Angeles, where tens of thousands of people experience homelessness on any given night, a new supportive housing project has just contributed 84 homes to help get people off the streets. Find out more on the Fast Company.

  • Sub-Rosa is an online platform focusing on showcasing creatives’ behind the scenes thoughts and processes. Check it out here.

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Text: FvF Team