Link List #81: Asia’s urban seas, the hardships of an Afghan woman, and queer females show the kinder side of kitchens
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This time around, we’ve had our interest peaked by Asia’s rising tide of urban issues, and we take a hard look at life for women in Afghanistan. We’re seeing how queer female cooks are challenging the narrative of abuse in city restaurants—and Time magazine has an eye to the future in their latest cover. The last item offers a captivating animated rundown of 30 of the world’s endangered species.

  • Asia might be facing choppy waters. The Guardian weighs up the problems some of the continent’s nations face with their urban expansion—and the impact that building onto the ocean is having on their coastlines.

  • We’ve been shaken by the tragic story of an Afghan widow, Kajida. 18 years old and three-times married to three brothers—her story of fear and heartbreak marks the fate of many women in the war-torn nation.

  • T: The New York Times Style Magazine maps the positive impact of queer females in the restaurant industry, and how they’re helping to steer kitchens away from their course of abuse.

  • “Up in the sky, I saw the future,” one Californian reporter recounts. Take a look at the video that documents how Time magazine created one of the biggest drone displays in America in order to fashion their new cover.

  • 30 different graphic shards decompose and reconstruct to form 30 endangered species. Take a look at In Pieces, a striking visual record of the planet’s vanishing animal kingdom.

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Text: Louis Harnett O’Meara
Photography: Jordi Huisman