Link List #106: The Beyoncé effect, anti-Brexit protestors, and the inspirational influence of Jacinda Ardern

This week, we’ve been reading about how celebrities such as Beyonce are attracting record visitor numbers to cultural institutions, the anti-Brexit march in London, which attracted over one million protestors, and whether the current Michael Jackson exhibition endorses a legacy that should no longer be celebrated.


A new survey discovers that fame sells when it comes to attracting visitors to top galleries. Dubbing it “the Beyonce effect” – referencing the fact that The Louvre’s annual visitor numbers rose by a quarter after the American superstar’s music video Apeshit was shot there. The Guardian examines the various art institutions that have benefitted from celebrity connections and name-dropping over the past year.

Are you a professional procrastinator? This article in The New York Times reveals why the habit has less to do with laziness and more to do with self-harm.

The “Put it to the People” march last weekend saw over one million people take to the streets of London to demand a second vote on Brexit. Dazed Digital talked to some of the protestors to find out why remaining in the EU is so important to people from all areas of British society.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been praised recently for her extraordinarily compassionate response to the recent Christchurch shootings. In this article, The New Yorker links her response to the crisis to her gender, stating that her actions have proven that stereotypically “feminine” behavior is powerful in politics.

As the now controversial Michael Jackson: On the Wall exhibition hits the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn, Berlin-based magazine SLEEK questions whether cultural institutions should still celebrate Jackson’s legacy in the wake of the recent Leaving Neverland documentary accusing him of sexual assault.

Whether we like it or not, we all have a sea of catchy advertising slogans swimming around in our heads, but a new survey suggests Nike’s “Just Do It” is the most memorable of them all. Find out more on It’s Nice That.

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Text: Emily May