Link List #112: Feminist punk, the 58th Venice Biennale, and a Beirut-based photo journal exploring queer Arabic culture

This week we’ve been reading about the resurgence of the Riot Grrrl movement, the Middle Eastern photo journal documenting queer Arabic history, and Frieze’s recommendations for what to see at the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale.

  • The Riot Grrrl movement has experienced a comeback in the past few years. With its influence persisting through countless exhibitions, books, and bands such as Pussy Riot, writers Evelyn McDonnell and Elisabeth Vincentelli decided it was high time to revisit some of the anthems of the original ’90s movement. Find out more on The New York Times.
  • What with new laws put in place which aim to redistribute grants for cultural projects outside of major cities, The Rio Times questions whether it’s the beginning of the end for Sao Paulo, Brazil’s current cultural capital.
  • Lebanese photographer Mohamad Abdouni is the founding editor of COLD CUTS, a Beirut-based photo journal exploring homosexuality in the Middle East. In this article, he speaks to Sleek magazine about the need for documenting queer Arabic history.
  • With the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale in full swing, Frieze have selected the exhibitions they are most looking forward to, from the work of Renate Bertlemann (the first solo female artist to represent Austria) to the sugar-coated morbidity of Belgian duo Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys.

Hopefully you enjoyed the reads from this week’s Link List, but if you’ve still got an internet itch to scratch, you can find more here.

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Text: Emily May