Link List #113: The newly announced poet laureate, Taipei’s drag renaissance, and a viable alternative to election propaganda

This week we’ve been reading about Simon Armitage’s appointment as poet laureate, how Taiwan’s drag scene is growing into a lively community of locals and expats, and the photography campaign committed to neutrally boosting the youth voter turnout in time for the European elections.

Europe: A Story of Love from / Photo: Clara Nebeling
  • West Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage was announced as the new face of British poetry last week. Following in the footsteps of Carol Ann Duffy, Armitage says that he would like to use his new role to amplify the voices of those from “diverse and disadvantaged” backgrounds. Find out more in The New York Times.
  • While drag originally came to Taipei over twenty years ago, only now is it experiencing a renaissance, boasting a small but growing community of local and expat performers. In this article, Dazed Digital speaks to some of the queens from the scene, who explain that while Taipei is one of Asia’s most LGBTQ+ friendly cities, there is still a way to go in terms of accepting drag as an art form.
  • Indie magazine takes a look at images taken by emerging photographers as part of EUnited, an independent European election campaign committed to neutrally boosting the youth voter turnout. From images of intra-European couples to the quotidian life of the Parisian suburbs, the photographs aim to act as a viable alternative to future forms of election propaganda.
  • Accompanied by three indigenous leaders from the Xingu, Brazilian indigenous Chief Raoni Metuktire headed to Paris this week for the start of a three-week tour across Europe where he will meet heads of state, celebrities, and the Pope in order to highlight growing environmental threats to the Amazon. Find out more in The Rio Times.
  • The Tehran Times showcases images of collections by emerging Iranian designers, who draw inspiration from the country’s myriad of enchanting palaces, gardens, mosques, and architectural gems.
  • Berlin’s Görlitzer Park is synonymous with drug dealing, and a new scheme introduced by the park manager plans to create designated spaces for transactions. The initiative, however, has been criticized by police chiefs as capitulating to criminal gangs. Find out more in The Guardian.

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Text: Emily May