Link List #116: Memories of Keith Haring, India’s first community-owned feminist library, and TV shows accurately depicting the art world

This week we’ve been reading about the feminist library in Mumbai hoping to reshape the role of women in Indian society, the television shows that try (sometimes successfully) to accurately depict the nuances of the art industry, and friends’ and colleagues’ fond memories of the late and great pop-art maverick Keith Haring.

Keith Haring in Subway Car, ca. 1984
Tseng Kwong Chi, Keith Haring in subway car, (New York), circa 1983. Photo © Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc. Art © Keith Haring Foundation
  • We all know that Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs aren’t necessarily the best depictions of the medical profession, but how accurate is television when it comes to portraying the art world? Ranked in order of believability, Artnet lists 14 episodes that get it right.
  • Dazed Digital speaks to Mumbai-based artist and activist Aqui Thami, whose Sister Library aims to reshape attitudes around the role of women in Indian society. Located in the Bandra neighborhood, the feminist haven houses 600 works of female literature, from novels by Virginia Woolf and Maya Angelou to handmade zines by local women and girls.
  • As a new major Keith Haring retrospective opens at Tate Liverpool, The Guardian asks Haring’s friends and colleagues—from choreographer Bill T. Jones to gallerist and art dealer Tony Shafrazi—to share their memories of the pop art maverick.
  • June is Pride Month, and to celebrate, the city of New York has announced that it will be erecting statues of iconic drag queens Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera in Greenwich Village, honoring their work championing transgender and gay rights. Find out more on Jezebel.

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Text: Emily May