Link List #122: The invasion of the electric scooter, environmentally conscious menus, and the story of a refugee-turned-congresswoman

This week we’ve been reading about the new, app-operated electric scooters that have been causing havoc in cities all across Europe, artist Olafur Eliasson’s new eco-friendly menu for the Tate Modern’s Terrace Bar, and a fond farewell to one of the world’s most iconic cars as its last model rolled off a production line in Mexico last week.

'Waterfall', 2019. Anders Sune Berg. ©2019 Olafur Eliasson
  • The Washington Post explores the complex story of Ilhan Omar, the Somalian refugee who, at the age of 36, became one of the youngest members of American Congress and the first lawmaker to wear a hijab in the legislative body’s history.
  • The last ever Volkswagen Beetle rolled off a production line in Mexico last week. In this article, charts the iconic vehicle’s long history, which stretches from Nazi Germany to the Summer of Love.
  • Frieze takes a look at the environmentally conscious menu created by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson for the Tate Modern Terrace Bar. Coinciding with his latest retrospective, the dishes on offer account for 52 percent less CO2 emissions than your average home-cooked meal.
  • What would you want to see a picture of if you were shut in a steel cell for years? Kids eating at a fast food restaurant? Your aunt’s house? The sunrise? The New Yorker takes a look at the program that fulfills the photographic requests of inmates held in solitary confinement, aiming to mitigate their sensory deprivation.
  • In this article, The Guardian questions if the rise in popularity of e-scooters in European cities are a vital new part of modern, eco-friendly travel, or merely a risky and unnecessary fad.

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Text: Emily May