Inside Клуб nightclub where St. Petersburg’s “wild” techno community raved without restraint
Video > Inside Клуб nightclub where St. Petersbu…

How does the Russian electronic scene differ from others around the world? We traveled to St. Petersburg to find out.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, electronic music and club culture became increasingly popular in Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg. Sasha Tsereteli—who has been organizing club nights for over a decade—has been a significant contributor to the city’s electronic scene, notably starting his Клуб nightclub which operated for a year and a half in an abandoned rail factory. In our exclusive video portrait, we visited Tsereteli to find out more about the founding of the venue.

Sasha Tsereteli is a party organizer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. To find out more about the Russian techno scene, take a look at our portrait of Moscow-born and Berlin-based artist and DJ Dasha Rush.

Video: Borbola Szelei and Alexander Brand
Text: Emily May